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Gradescope Grants Program Launched for Educators in Asia Pacific

Program announced at 2020 Turnitin APAC User Summit with other technology updates

Oakland, Calif.

Turnitin is pleased to announce that applications are now open for its 2020 Asia Pacific Gradescope Grants program to support the design and delivery of remote assessments.

The APAC Gradescope Grants program will support projects related to the use of online assessment platform Gradescope for various assessment types across multiple disciplines. Grants will be awarded to projects that pilot or expand the use of Gradescope to highlight student learning, create efficiencies in grading, and inform improvements to assessment and course design in remote environments.

Participants are invited to do this individually or collaborate with a peer within the same institution or in another institution. Potential projects could include research on the use of Gradescope to promote more inclusive, formative and summative assessments or the use of Gradescope in STEM courses with a focus on programming assessments to identify potential plagiarism cases among code submissions.

The grants program will also inform the ongoing enhancement and innovation of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) grading technology. With Gradescope’s AI-powered capabilities, educators can evaluate student performance data to identify knowledge gaps, measure program trends, and enable long-term curricular improvements that ensure critical learning objectives are truly understood.

The Gradescope Grants program will award six participants, with prizes ranging from AU$500 to $2,500. Applications for the grants program are open until Monday 30 November 2020 at 9.00 am AEDT.

“We are excited by the program’s potential, to not only enhance the assessment capabilities of Gradescope in remote learning environments but also to push innovation leading to new models of grading equity and learning. We believe these projects will help to inform student learning and teaching efficacy, while supporting the evolution of academic integrity in assessment design and delivery,” said James Thorley, Regional Vice President APAC, at Turnitin.

The APAC Gradescope Program was officially announced at the Turnitin APAC User Summit this week, which brings together university leaders, program administrators and educators across Asia Pacific. At the Summit, Turnitin also revealed the acquisition of ExamSoft, a software-based assessment platform from Spectrum Equity, to expand its portfolio of leading academic integrity and assessment products.

By joining forces, Turnitin and ExamSoft become a single destination for institutions to uphold integrity at every stage in a student’s journey, from book reports and problem sets to high-stakes exams and professional licensure. As one company, they provide expanded product offerings that allow customers to choose the combination of tools and services that best serve their assessment needs.

"Turnitin and ExamSoft are both committed to safeguarding integrity in education,” said ExamSoft CEO Sebastian Vos. “We look forward to working with the Turnitin team to continue to advance integrity solutions across all levels and modalities of education to improve learning outcomes.”

“Turnitin and ExamSoft share a passion for student success and delivering innovative assessments,” said Turnitin CEO Chris Caren. “Turnitin expanded its assessment capabilities beyond our historical essay focus when we acquired market-leading STEM assessment solution Gradescope two years ago. ExamSoft’s robust testing platform meaningfully complements and grows our existing assessment offerings. Together, we form an even stronger company that meets the ever-changing needs of the educational and professional organizations we serve. We’re thrilled to welcome the ExamSoft team to the Turnitin family.”

Turnitin also announced the creation of APAC-dedicated social channels to provide customers with relevant industry news and insights relating to academic integrity, higher education opportunities and challenges, and new initiatives and perspectives from leaders across the education industry.

More information about the APAC Gradescope Program, including guidelines and application details, are available at:

More information about the Turnitin acquisition of ExamSoft is available at:

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