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Y7-9 Science Argument (CER) Rubric (UK English)

Rubric for writing that defends a position on a scientific topic.

Rubric suitable for formative and summative assignments for tasks involving the defence of a position on a scientific topic. Use this rubric when asking students to present and defend a claim, including evidence and reasoning, about a scientific topic.

Consider using the Years 7-9 Science Argument (CER) QuickMark set with this rubric. These drag-and-drop comments were tailor-made by veteran educators to give actionable, formative feedback directly to students. While they were explicitly aligned to this particular rubric, you can edit or add your own content to any QuickMark.

This rubric is available and ready to use in your Feedback Studio account. However, if you would like to customise its criteria, you can "Duplicate this rubric" in your Feedback Studio account and then edit the rubric as needed. Or, you can download this .rbc file and then import to your account to begin editing the content.