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Azin Aminian

Developing Academic Integrity and Language Skills with the Help of Turnitin

As a student in the Master’s Program of Project Management at Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, Australia, Azin Aminian has worked hard to implement high standards of academic integrity into her research and projects. Having grown up in a different country with no copyright legislation, Azin was shocked when she first arrived in Australia to attend ANU by the strict plagiarism policy; however, she quickly learned the value of such an honor code and gradually began to understand the importance of academic integrity:

“Now I understand. [This policy] actually shows how many people put their lives, and effort and time, to produce something valuable, [like] research or an essay, that is valuable for the academic, for the university and for the author himself or herself.”

As an English Language Learner, Azin was drawn to the features of Turnitin and how it could help strengthen her authentic writing. She attended workshops to further enhance her use of the tool in the classroom and internalized feedback from professors in order to improve her language and communication skills. Azin feels that Turnitin has helped her to gain confidence in paraphrasing and ultimately, further solidified her commitment to learning with integrity.

Learning With Integrity Award 2018
Global Winner, Higher Education
“Having integrity both in personal and academic life is very important. When you do the right thing, [and] you are honest and responsible for your actions, you are practicing integrity.
Azin Aminian
Master’s Candidate in the Program of Project Management
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Special Commendation
Learning With Integrity Award 2018
Global Winner, Higher Education