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Universidad del Rosario stands on the belief that academic integrity is an essential element of education, and thus the leaders of this institution strive to instill these values in students and teachers. Through its e-Learning Center, they have worked hard to promote the value of feedback as a way to help students learn and grow throughout their educational experience. Maribel Avila, Academic and Virtual Platforms Administrator from the e-Learning Center, has supported teachers and students in their assessment processes.

“Feedback is very important because in a way, feedback is knowledge. The students learn to value feedback because they see knowledge. Teachers don’t just say that something is wrong and that’ s it. They always tell them how to be better, they point out the mistakes so students learn and keep on working to overcome that obstacle.”

Universidad del Rosario understands how quickly the educational landscape can change, the institution is a firm believer that academic and administrative staff must change along with it to respond to new training needs. By utilizing Turnitin as a learning tool and a conversation starter, there has been a change in the student-teacher assessment dynamic at the institution, turning the learning process into a dialogue that’s beneficial for students and teachers alike. Adapting instructional technology like Turnitin’s Feedback Studio allows Maribel and her colleagues to cater to and nurture the modern needs of their community.

"As our society continues to shift, we must evolve with it, to face new educative challenges that extend beyond the traditional teaching-learning [model]. Education is changing [and so do] the strategies change in relation to the students and the teachers…”

Global Innovator Award 2018
Global Winner, Higher Education
Academic integrity is fundamental. Our motto here at the university is 'Learn to learn'...We try to teach the students about academic integrity right from the very beginning.
Runner up, Global Innovator
Maribel Avila Sastre
Universidad del Rosario, Colombia
Runner Up
Global Innovator Award 2018
Global Winner, Higher Education