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Nebrija University

Encouraging Autonomy in Students to Effectively Develop Integrity Skills

Operating since 1995, Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain, has a student population of over 60,000 across its seven schools and online programs.

Global Campus Nebrija was developed in 2012 and is described as being the hallmark of Nebrija University for distance education, offering both online and blended learning.

With more than 15 years of development, Global Campus Nebrija encourages its students to ‘learn by doing’ in order to meet societal demands, where both knowledge and skills are required in order to face new challenges. The Global Campus team is committed to technological innovation that unites teachers and students from anywhere in the world.

“Academic integrity is a very important value within the institution because our university wants all students to have acquired a series of values that are transversal and are demanded by society and very much related to what companies are demanding,” says Natividad Reyes Torres, Blended Manager of Global Campus Nebrija.

Over the last two years, Global Campus Nebrija has increased its Turnitin usage by 165% which has resulted in approximately 25% more original writing in student submissions, putting them on a largely positive track.

“When you get the data, you see growth. You see more than just qualitative information, but also numbers. You’re excited to have contributed to this,” notes María García Sánchez, Coordinator of Innovation in e-Learning.

Nebrija University is focused on making its students more autonomous in managing their own work. They do this by providing continuous feedback and allowing redrafts. This gives its students the opportunity to develop academic integrity skills. As a result, when its students come to submit their final draft, they have fulfilled all the assignment guidelines, particularly when it comes to academic writing and integrity.

Global Innovator Award 2019
Europe, Higher Education
Academic integrity is a qualitative value that students must acquire and the university takes the responsibility of developing that skill to make them competent outside of the university.
Natividad Reyes Torres
(on behalf of) Nebrija University (Europe)
Honorable Mention
Global Innovator Award 2019
Europe, Higher Education