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Equitable Evaluation and Excellent Expectation-Setting

How to Create & Customize Your Feedback Studio Rubrics

Learn how to get the most out of rubrics in Turnitin Feedback Studio

Rubrics are an incredibly powerful tool to bring different people into alignment. Institutions at the department, school, and district level can use them to facilitate discussion and alignment amongst faculty and individual teachers can use them with their students to help support success and academic growth.

In this session, we discuss:
  • How to create new rubrics in Turnitin Feedback Studio
  • How to customize and tailor a rubric from Feedback Studio's built-in rubric library
  • How to share customized rubrics with your Feedback Studio-using colleagues across your institution
  • What a well-defined and effective rubric looks like in Turnitin
  • How you can use Feedback Studio rubrics as a collaborative tool in conversations with both your colleagues and your students