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Turnitin Session: Accelerate Paper-Based Marking With Gradescope

Grading is a dichotomous thing: few instructors enjoy spending time doing it, yet it’s critical for the students’ learning and growth.

That’s what makes a solution like Gradescope so appealing. It makes assessment processing a breeze, including for on-paper work, helping to improve instructors’ marking consistency and student success alike.

Of course, it’s always best to hear from those who have actually used it. That’s why for our latest Turnitin Session – Accelerate Paper-Based Marking With Gradescope – we were joined by Gradescope user Professor John McDermott from the University of Dundee.

John and Glenn discussed the University of Dundee’s adoption of Gradescope and how they have found success using it as a way to digitise paper assessments. Along the way they discovered a range of other benefits too, including how the solution helps their team:

  • Streamline paper-based marking
  • Improve marking consistency
  • Unlock time and cost savings
  • Enhance dialogue with students

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about how the University of Dundee uses Gradescope to both simplify grading and improve student outcomes.