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The exploitative world of contract cheating and its growing threat to academic integrity

Essay mills are a growing market. Online comparison sites in the UK list over 1,000, with 125-230 added each month. While online learning environments have always been vulnerable to academic misconduct, it’s clear that essay mills have traded on the rapid digitalisation of global education… and they are profiting. So, where do we go from here?

In this panel discussion, we connected with members of the QAA Academic Integrity Advisory Group to highlight the dangers associated with using contract cheating services, including blackmail and extortion of vulnerable students. The group will also touch upon the cunning new tactics employed by essay mills to advertise their services, such as infiltrating student social groups and gaining unsolicited access to campus technology.

Hear practical, expert advice for discouraging contract cheating among students, while strengthening institutional regulations around this form of misconduct. We’ll also summarise the proposed legislation to outlaw essay mills currently going through the UK Parliament and what this means for institutions in England.